Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Broken window glass...

Late this afternoon, I heard a ball being thrown around, which is against our house rules (due to the dangers of things possibly being broken or someone getting hurt). Not but 2 seconds after I reminded the kids about said rule, I heard the bang and the resulting break.

RS Broken glass-7005

(Just a silly side note... I guess I never really realized how old and ugly our windows are until after taking these pics. I also realized I don't clean them often enough! Haha!)

The little infant/toddler toy that did the damage:
RS Ball culprit-7007

Sheesh. It's taped up for now, but we will, of course, have to replace it soon, since it could very well shatter with just one other hit. It's right next to our back door too, and that gets a lot of use, and slammed pretty often too. Good excuse to purchase new, beautiful, energy efficient windows maybe???

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M.M. said...

Oh my! How did the kids feel about what happened? Did they blame coco? haha ;P