Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just because we think he's cute...

VID00001, originally uploaded by MonicaYB.
And so will his grandparents and aunties (and maybe even uncles too)... :)

Here is Mr. Muffin (21 months) greeting a Woody doll hung in the boys room. When he says it it sounds like "woo-wie" or even "weewee", hehehe! After prompting from Daddy, Muffin asked Woodie if he would like some lemonade (sounds like "luma-numana"). 

It's probably just us, as his doting parents, hehe, but we can't get enough of this guy. :)

It's so funny because he is by far the farthest behind in his verbal skills (I have vids of Izzy speaking in full sentences at 19 months...), but Muffin sure seems to be in no rush. He also has made up much of his own language, both verbally and signing! Seriously! He is one interesting guy! :D
We have learned that he is incredibly stubborn, and somewhat lazy when it comes to speaking. :) I have also learned that you cannot rush things such as this, and to just soak it all in and enjoy the cuteness. AND to take lots of video because they don't sound like this for long! :)


Lal said...

LOL My oldest Elijah was talking up a storm very early on too. Mikey took a little longer and even today still has kind of a "baby" sound to his pronunciation. My niece also took a while to talk, but wouldn't know it now! lol

M.M. said...

aw I love it!! :)

Yes, they don't sound like that forever... I cry when I replay videos of KJ when she was younger and just starting to talk. We laugh so hard we cry . . . and then we just cry. lol.

I'm so glad you shared this!

shopgirlaudi said...

My son took FOREVER. My daughter didn't really speak much at all until she was two yrs old, but the day she started talking she did it like she'd always been doing it. I guess she figured if she was going to do it, she wanted to do it baby talk there;)