Monday, January 3, 2011

20 weeks (halfway!) Belly Shot

WM RS 20 weeks-6186 ED, originally uploaded by MonicaYB.
So... I am pretty late in posting this, since I am now 23 weeks, hehe, but if you know anything about me, you know that I tend to be late for all kinds of things, and you'd also know that I take so many photos, and then they stay forever on my hard drive, never to be seen or heard from again, :(

Here is week 20 belly shot (from 12/15/2010), shot in my "famous" yellow/orange kitchen (my kitchen has the best light in the house, so there will be many more photos in the yellow orange-ness!), with my fav buttery lens, 50 1.4, shot at (get ready, here comes geeky photography talk...) not quite all the way open, at F 1.6. (ISO 400, SS 1/250, for anyone who cares).

I shot it at a horrible time of the day, late in the afternoon, so the shadows are harsh, and I didn't spend much time processing it, but you get the idea, and it's "dramatic-y", :)

The jeans I was wearing, as you can see, still button all the way and in fact are still pretty loose everywhere but the waist. :) I'm still at that "awkward" point where my regular clothes are fitting a little tight, some uncomfortably so, but maternity clothes seem to swallow me up, and just make me feel frumpy.

This pregnancy (#4) in general is so different in so many ways! I am still savoring and enjoying it as much as I can, knowing there is a good chance that it may be (but hopefully not) the last time I am pregnant. :(
I have always enjoyed being pregnant, despite my severe sickness (which is just starting to end now at 23 weeks!), and aches and pains associated with it. There is just something wonderful and magical about carrying a precious life inside of you! But even this one has thrown me a couple of unexpected "curve balls", and things I had never experienced even the other three times!

Regardless, I don't forget how blessed I am, and I feel privileged to know God chose us to be parents one more time!

A kind "stranger" lady randomly said to me the other day, something along the lines of "I love seeing pregnant women! That's how we know God has not given up on mankind!". I never thought of it quite like that, but I love it, and realized it is true!


mm said...

Yay!! Welcome back to the blog-world!! :) Oh, how I've missed thee. ;P xox

ps you should add a "Love it!" button to your reaction options.

And now I need to scurry away to update my blog (it's pretty STRANGE when you've updated your blog before me!!! lol Great job!

oh, wait, I'm still not done:
Beautiful new belly shot!! :D I can't believe you're past your halfway point... wow.

I love you!

Lal said...

Love the belly pic! I didn't have a camera when I preg with either of my boys so I don't have any prego pics of me :( Oh, and I happen to LOVE the color of your kitchen! I love color on walls :) I always wished I was one of those women who got to enjoy being pregnant and never got sick and just loved it the whole time, but like you, I get really sick..the whole nine months and it's really quite miserable! :( I'd love to be able to love being pregnant at least once :)