Monday, January 3, 2011

New year, new blog...

It's amazing what can change over the course of only two years! I decided to go ahead and keep my old blog and blog url, but am pretty embarrassed to see my previous entries and photos! Sheesh! I am surprised at all of the things I've learned over the last two years, and the changes that have taken place in our lives.

Please do me a favor and DON'T scroll down to any previous entries. But, IF you do, be forewarned that I do not take any responsibility for the horrible photos, or what I wrote, simply because I do not remember. ;)

Here's an update (about two years past due...) of our lives and some things you might expect to read if you so choose to "Follow" me...

I am a stay/work-at-home Mommy; I homeschool our kiddos, and I have my own (very small!) lifestyle photography business, specializing in babies, children and families. My husband of 7.5 years is the associate pastor of our church, which is totally home away from home, and we are blessed beyond measure!
In my last post (in 11/2008, Oh. My. Goodness!), we were still a family of 4, but we are now a family of 5, and soon to be 6! We added our third baby and second son into the world on March 18th of 2009, at the San Antonio Birth Center. That was one of the most amazing and best experiences of my life,  but that needs it's own blog post, haha! We are now expecting our 4th child (3rd son!) sometime in May 2011! Our EDD is May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!), but I have a tendency to go late, so I am thinking more like mid May. And this baby will be our first homebirth, with the hands and help of our wonderful, amazing midwife! I suppose I'll have to ask her permission before I post her name, hehehe.

Some things that I am passionate about, and that you will probably read about on my blog, if you don't get bored too soon, are, in no particular order:
My family,
Babies in general, :)
Natural birth,
Natural parenting,
Attachment parenting,
Organic/healthy eating and lifestyle,
"Green" living,
Cloth diapering and E.C. (Elimination communication, a.k.a. infant potty learning),

And that's all that came to mind in these last few seconds. :)

I can not and will not make any promises to post every day, every week, or even several times a month. Just as often as I can! I'd love it if you would follow me, but also know that I will totally be posting links to new blog posts (on Facebook) as I publish them.
Be blessed and happy new year!


Lal said...

Nice job!! I'm definitely going to be following your blog :)

leapoffaith said...

Hey girlie! Very Cool I will follow you on your journey of Mommyhood! I want to know more about this E.C. your talking about :)

es said...

Loving it. I so let my blog go and am thinking about starting it up again. U may have inspired me;)

M.M. said...

Monica, have you considered moving this "post" to an "About Me" gadget on your blog layout? This would be great to have quick access to --for the newcomers that are curious what your blog is about and more about the blogger (so no one has to scroll to older posts to get this great info). :)

*just a thought.

M.M. said...

oh and ps...asking people to NOT scroll back to old blogs totally makes EVERYONE WANT TO!!! (including me) hahaha ;P

**you could delete the old blogs if you really feel that strongly about it.**

love you!