Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's been WWWAAAYYY too long!

Hello everyone!
I apologize for there being such a HUGE gap in time since I've blogged, or put up a POTD! I'm sure everyone has missed it dearly! :)
So here is a quick update, in case you needed to hear an excuse as to why I've been "out" for awhile...
First of all, we have moved! Yay! We are finally in our house! Praise God! We moved right before Christmas (Dec 22), so the days were extremely hectic for us! We were trying to move, get Christmas presents, settle the kids in, and so much more in such a crammed amount of time! Not to mention, that we hosted Christmas at our house! So everything had to be clean! Haha!

Oh, and, it took awhile to get our internet service back up again, but that's a long story... a whole other blog, haha!

Anywho, we are finally settled in, and I have done a few shoots in these past few weeks, and I have a few more tentative ones coming up soon! And it has proven to be quite a task to "develop" the photos! Who knew! It takes me so long since I don't have large chunks of free time just sitting around, so i work a little bit at a time (15 minutes here, 20 there...), but it does get done! More posts with pics to come... and that is a promise! :) I am no longer promising a POTD (photo of the day), but I will do my best to put up at least one, if not several, photos per WEEK! That sounds much more do-able for me! :D

Ok, well, if you made it through all of this, *phew*! thank you for caring enough to read! haha!

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