Friday, December 14, 2007

POTD 12/13/07

Ok, so I didn't technically shoot any photos today, but I did do alot of editing, so these are the same photos from yesturday, only "enhanced" (er, at least I hope I enhanced them! haha!)

Can you see the difference between these two? Please tell me which you like better! More yellow? Less yellow? I happen to like the less yellow look, because I think it makes the color of their clothes "pop" alot more.

This one has too much of a yellow tint. I need to go back and fix that.

And I think this one has too much of the "vignette" thing going one, haha! I think I need to tone it down just a little!

And I threw in a new one of Lani just for kicks, heehee! :)

Oh, and for anyone that cares, I used both Photoshop and Lightroom for the editing process.

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belinda said...

Kaylani is adorable in that dress. And Izzy looks so precious kissing his sis'. I like the whiter background better as well. Wow, I know you have great subjects to work with, but you are turning out some great shots.