Monday, December 10, 2007

POTD 12/9/07

Ok, so here are some test shots I took today for Lucas' Graduation pics. These were taken with my XTi, NOT the Easyshare, so I'm still learning about this new world of DSLR's!

So, these are probably not the final shots, but I got to play around a bit, and here is what I got...

I think my "photographers eye" must have been missing or something, because after viewing them much closer, I could have kicked myself for not fixing the tassel! In all of the pics, you cannot see the "07"!!! Oh well, like I said, I doubt that these will be my final shots, so I'll have to remember that for the nest shoot!


Marty said...

First picture almost has a spiritual feel to it, as if Lucas is looking up to God for his accomplishment.
I like the idea of the 4th, where he's just looking at the tassle.

Maybe I just have an untrained eye, but the photos look pretty good to me. I don't see any flaws that I might expect from you working with a new, more complicated camera.

Michelle said...

Monica, they are really nice photos. :) The poses are good and the quality looks very crisp! :) I look forward to seeing more! yay for Lucas!! :D And wonderful job to you!! :D