Monday, December 10, 2007

POTD 12/8/07

Today I went to the AOK State Championship Tournament in Austin Texas with the SSFC Karate Club! Our team took home 21 Medals! Woohoo! :D

And, to top it all off, our intructor, Sensei James, recieved the Intructor of the Year Award! Too cool! What a blessing the Karate Ministry is, to me, and so many others!

I only placed 2nd in Kata :( , and I didn't even place in sparring, but that's a whole other blog! LOL! Yeah, I got robbed!

So anyway, it was about 5pm when I got home, and since I only had about a half hour of decent daylight left, I thought I'd go outside and play with my new camera, :)

And here are some of the results of my playing:


Marty said...

Congratulations on the medal.
As far as photos, I think the leaves are my favorite.

Michelle said...

Aw, Monica, I'm so happy for you and your new 'toy' -hee hee. :D

You shared some nice shots. I really love the leaves -angle, focus, etc. But I also like the hydrant --it has a very artsy look to it -ha ha- because of the colors and chipped paint -silly, I know. But I like them! :)