Wednesday, December 12, 2007

POTD 12/12/07

So I was planning on doing a shoot today for some friends, but for several reasons it dodn't end up working out. So I figured, why not take another opportunity to play around with my new camera, right? haha! So I set up my "studio", and I went ahead and got the kids all dressed up, since I needed some Christmas pics of them anyway, and I went a shottin' away! Here are just some of my results...

Yes, this one was an accident, but I think it is my favorite one of all now!

Kaylani is a hard sybject to photograph! She is constantly moving, and her facial expressions are ALWAYS changing! AND they are so dramatic, LOL!

Izzy didn't want me to take his picture right then and there, so it took some bribing...

to get a shot like this! :)

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