Saturday, February 12, 2011

Because I know you'd prefer pictures over whatever I'd have to say...

I know, I know... everyone just sits and WAITS for me to blog, and can hardly wait to read my thoughts written out. Well, I'm sorry to have to disappoint you, but this post will be mostly photos. Just because. Because I want to publish some kind of updated post here and there. AND because I have so much I want to say, but can't ever seem to be satisfied with a final edit of my drafts (which in turn means I don't publish them until I've spent WAY too much time on them, ha!). So, here is a picture blog! With a few little tidbits (because I can't just NOT talk! I always have too much to say!), and with some geeky photography stuff thrown in for good measure. :)

Looky at the little monkey I found jumping on his big brothers bed this morning! :)

WM RS Muffin Blurred Jumping-8546 ED

As I was working with Izzy on some of his school work, I heard (through the baby monitor) the unmistakable sound of a bed being rustled and jumped on. I of course grabbed my camera and headed straight to catch the suspect in action. I only got one shot of his actual jumping, and it is blurred (with his movement, see how the rest of the photo is clear and crisp?), due to (get ready, here comes the fun geekiness...) pretty low light in that bedroom, so I needed a relatively slow shutter speed (1/125), even wide open (2.8 on that lens), and at ISO 1250. But I still love it. He was caught red handed! :)

BTW, that is a canteen he has around his neck, but seeing that his Mama is a photog herself, wouldn't you know that he pretends it is his big camera? I love it.

Here are a few more shots of the accused bed jumper. Just because I think he's pretty cute.

WM RS Muffin on Bearbears Bed-8544 ED
No more jumping I guess...

WM RS Muffin on Bearbears Bed-8527 ED
It sure looks like he had something really important to say, I just wish I could remember what it was.

WM RS Muffin on Bearbears Bed-8532 ED

WM RS Muffin on Bearbears Bed-8534 ED
Probably double checking his camera settings...

WM RS Muffin on Bearbears Bed-8536 ED
I missed the focus just a tad on this one (I always focus on the eyes, or eye closest to me), probably due to his constant, rapid movement, haha, but I still love it, because I love the expression on his face.

The end. :)

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Lal said...

Nice pics! And funny about his canteen being his camera..too cute!