Thursday, January 20, 2011

What should I do with my hands?

I recently read an article with tips for "Mommy Bloggers", and one of the tips was to always use a catchy, "must open and read NOW" title. Is that ^^^^^ a catchy title? :) Okay, so it can determined that I am not very creative, ha!

Here are my Belly Shots/Self Portraits for pregnancy week 25! Taken in front of one of the walls in our very colorful school room! (It's actually the "dining room", but since the kids do school work in there, we decided to make it a bright and colorful learning environment!) I do have some regrets about our color choices, but colorful walls do make for nice photo backgrounds, and that's not the point of this blog anyway... :)

So here we go: 25 weeks

WM RS 25 weeks SP-7922 ED

(Geeky photog talk here: All photos shot at ISO 1250, F 1.6, SS 1/160 and 1/125, self timer of course)

Now about the posts title...
I never know what to do with my hands! Doesn't everyone have that problem? I have people (that are in front of MY camera) ask me the very same question ALL the time, and I seem to always have an answer for them. But when it's just me and my tripod (or makeshift tripod, or chair, or table, or floor...), things can get a little awkward!

Side story: K (my oldest daughter) saw me and asked why I was taking pictures of myself! I wonder if my kids think I am just vain? I answered that I really wanted to remember having a pregnant belly, and am going to try to take pictures as often as I can. And that answer satisfied her just fine. And it's true!

Back to the hands... so then I tried this:

WM RS 25 weeks SP-7907 ED

No, too high, it looks a little weird/awkward, right? Hm, try lower:

WM RS 25 weeks SP-7913 ED

Aw man! Now I look like I have a tummy ache! Agh!

Anyway, haha, the whole pregnant belly thing is a toughie. You want to come across loving, but sometimes a gentle caress against the belly looks funny enough and awkward in front of the camera, and of course I am extra picky about how my hands look (i.e.: "Is my thumb sticking out?" or "My fingers look too fat in this one!" or "Hm, crooked finger angle...", yeah, I already know I'm weird.)

WM RS 25 weeks SP-7902 ED

But does keeping my arms straight down seem cold and uncaring? Or do I just look stiff?

WM RS 25 weeks SP-7896 ED

I am finding it harder and harder each time, and don't want to have too many of the same photo where my hands and arms are doing the same thing. Anyone want to offer some suggestions? Remember, I am not the creative type here, so I welcome any and all suggestions. I may not try them all, but welcome them with open arms, and hands, ;) indeed.

ETA: All photos were processed just a tad differently. Just because I can. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm try at the top of your belly like right under your bust? Kind of have them resting with fingers gently locked and relaxed arms.

M.M. said...

Left thumb in your pocket and right arm/hand gently laying over belly --or even under the way you have it.

how about even your thumb in your back pocket (thumb in your pocket as a relaxed look...)

maybe both hands underneath?


Anonymous said...

i think you look sexy! :)