Saturday, November 8, 2008

So, after 8 months...

Hello world! After 8 months of inactivity (on my blog, not in real life, haha!), I'm going to make a concious effort to update my blogspot more often! No promises though! :)

So, to kick off my re-blogging, here are a few recent pics of the kids, and Coco. They had been waiting so patiently at our kitchen table for me to finish making lunch, I decided to make them wait even longer so I could snap their photos!

Do they look bored?

Ah, Lani giving her brother "the look". It doesn't faze Izzy much anymore these days though...

The following are just a couple of the MANY faces of Lani. Where does she get all of those dramatic expressions from?

(^^^I can take out that vent, but I'm not going to spend the time doing that now. So please excuse the ugly white vent. Thank you. )

And finally, I bribed Coco into sitting at the kitchen table to snap some pictures with Lani. What happened to Izzy you ask? Well, he got into trouble and had to go to his room. I hope I can get him to cooperate soon, because I need some photos of him too!

Kaylani has the bribe in her hand, a Doggy Biscuit. Can you tell Coco wants it? She doesn't take her eyes off of it!

Yes, Lani LOVES Coco!

EDIT: For some reason, my photos are being chopped off! I'm trying to fix that, but have yet to figure out what the problem is!


_N said...

I loved these... Kaylani looks so cute! The yellow wall is very stiking. And that dog is BEAUTIFUL!

sarah said...

such amazing photos!


Morgan said...

Gorgeous pictures Monica!!! You really have a gift in photography!