Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Patiently Waiting

Since Izzy was somewhat MIA in the last post, here is his turn to be "posted". And in keeping with the kitchen theme (the last shots were all taken in my yellow/orange kitchen, blech), here is Izzybear in an apron, patiently waiting by the oven, for the pumpkin pie (that he helped to make) to be ready (Little did he know that it would take almost an hour to be done...).


Do you think he was getting bored?

He's pretending to be something/someone here, don't ask me who because I'm not sure. but he's on a Tarzan kick, so that just may be it. :)

(^^^ On the above 2 photos I used Courtney_s Ocean Breeze Action, just because.)

And here is the finished product. it was yummy, but there was still something to be desired, I'm not sure what. Back to more fun experimentation in the kitchen for me!
I forgot to shoot some photos of it before everyone dove into it, sorry. :)

ETA: Ok, my 'landscape' oriented photos are still being chopped, I can't seem to fix that problem, I'm sorry!

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