Monday, November 26, 2007

P'sOTD 11/22/07 (Lots!)

Ok, so of course I took tons of pics on Thanksgiving! So many photo opportunities! :) Therefore, I have narrowed it down to just a (whole bunch!) few, heehee!

When Lani and Izzybear woke up, I let them eat breakfast in the living room! *gasp!* So that they could watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, of course!
Then we headed off to Aunt Becky's House!
Lani doing her "cheese" face with her Grandpa

Izzy doing his "cheese" face with Jonsal! LOL! Sheesh, why can't they just smile! haha!

Then we headed home to get the kids down for a nap (all 3 kids, :) )

And then it was off to Nana's and Papa's house! We brought the Wii with us, and amazingly, we got everyone to join in the fun! EVEN MY MOM!
My mom bowling... And my Uncle Grape (really Greg, but the kids call him Uncle Grape, so that's his name! :) )! Here he is bowling.My Mom and Dad playing Tennis against each other...
My Dad and Uncle Grape playing Baseball against each other...
And even Lani and Izzy got in on the action! Here they are boxing each other. They love that, I wonder why? Maybe because they can virtually hit each other without getting in trouble? lol!

Everyone had alot of fun. We even made Mii's for my parents, and Uncle Grape! Lucas, myself, Marcos and Angie already had one of their own.
Can you guess who's who? Leave your answers as comments, and let's see who gets them all right! :)







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