Monday, November 26, 2007

POTD 11/21/07

Early in the day, it was still so nice and warm, in the mid 80's! So, we took full advantage, knowing that later that evening, things were going to cool down, BIG TIME!

Lucas and the kids played some basketball in the breezway, and had tons of fun! For a few minutes that is... and then the bugs, rocks, and dirt start calling their name, and they can't resist the urge to get down and dirty! :)

So, here are some (clean) pics of them playing b-ball together...

I HATE action shots in poor lighting! They force me to use a slower shutter speed just to get a better exposure, but in return I get blurry pictures! GRRRR!

In the middle of their game, Izzy stopped and pointed out to us that there was a Cheerio in the basketball, and pointed to this, haha!


Antonio/Nicole said...

Cheerio! LOL

Mishelly said...

Aw, that's just too cute --and such an Izzy thing. hee hee

I think I'm going to remember that one for a while...

Thanks for sharing Monica! :)