Friday, March 7, 2008

Our fun day with Chalk! POTW 3/2/08

This past Tuesday, we took full advantage of the beautiful warm weather we had, and we played outside most of the day, knowing that the next couple of days would be too cold to have outdoor adventures. We had an 80 degree high on Tuesday, and Wednesday the highs dropped into the low 40's! How crazy is Texas weather! Haha!

Anyway, here is a glimpse of the 'fun' the kids had (while Mommy wasn't looking!), heehee!

(I know this ^^^ is a technically terrible shot, but I love how you can see the chalkiness all over his face!)

And I've been pet-sitting our friends kitties this week, so I suppose I will throw in a few of the funny shots I've shot of them, simply because I was using an (borrowed) external flash with these following shots, and I think I am in LOVE! I was bouncing it off the ceiling (The flash rotates 90 degrees), Oh My Goodness! I can use an ISO at 100, and a SS of over 1/125 (with an F1.8 that is) and still have a good exposure?!?! Without using a direct harsh flash?! I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE! :D Now I know what I am going to ask for for my birthday! haha! Ok, enough geek talk, (That was for you Norma, heehee), and Thank you Laura for letting me play with it, I have loved it, and I am seriously going to invest in one! You are the best! :) Anyway, the kitties names are Pinky and Brownie, and they are so camera friendly, and they make for really cute subjects!


.::Liz::. said...

I love all the pics you've taken of your kiddos! They look like sooo much fun...I can't wait to have mine here. :) You are really getting good at all this photography thing too...great job!

Mishelly said...

Yay! My kitties . . . hope they weren't too much of a hassle for y'all. :) LOVE the photos!!