Thursday, November 15, 2007

P'sOTD's 11/ 12-14 /07 Family Update

Ok, so here's the deal (family update, haha)...

My camera hasn't seen much daylight these past few days, :(

It all started on Monday morning, when I received "The Call"! It was from Yocasta (my wonderful VERY pregnant Sister-in-law), saying that labor was immanent! So I immediately jumped (literally, haha) into action! Needles to say, stubborn Baby Barrientes #3 has yet to make an appearance! haha! Well, the craziness continued through Tuesday, as we went to go see a few more houses, and then made an offer on our favorite house! yeah! Not to mention that I have had Karate class both evenings (we are preparing for state), and I am in full force Potty Training with Izzybear! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he has been wearing UNDERWEAR! ***Everyone cheers***! Well, on Wednesday afternoon, we received a call from our most wonderful Realtor, Sylvia, that the sellers accepted our offer! YAY! YAY! YAY!

So, to sum it all up (after having said, er, typed way too much, yes I tend to blab) I have been so distracted, that my poor camera has suffered much unintended neglect!

Aha! But here is the cool part! I am still posting for your enjoyment, some old favorites of mine! I hope you love them as much as I do! Oh, and, by the way, they are in no particular order. :)

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Anonymous said...

Monica, I am so excited about your new house! What a blessing!