Saturday, November 10, 2007

P'sOTD 11/6/07, LOTS of pics

Today, I decided to take the kids to the Witte Museum! Tuesdays from 3-8pm are FREE! SO I took full advantage, and we went on an exciting (and sometimes scary!)excursion! The current exhibit is Dinosaurs! The kids were excited, but admittedly scared to enter the "dark door" (entrance to the Dino exhibit). Kaylani wanted nothing to do with it for a while, but she warmed up to after just a few minutes, :)

Very excited and happy to be at the Museum! The elephants name is Cinnamon Kandy! Really!

Oh my!

Yeah, he was only a little scared, but manly enough to barely show it! :)

Kaylani on the other hand, had no problem showing that she was afraid, and didn't want to get very close to any of the Dinosaurs!

Yeah, can you see the hesitation in their faces? Heehee!

Finaly! Realizing that the scary moving lifelike Dinosaurs AREN'T real, Kaylani begins to relax and have ALOT of fun!

And so does Izzybear! He loved to "read" everything!
After the Dinosaurs exhibit, we continued to explore the rest of the Museum (that hasn't really changed much, even after 15 years!)

Checking out some cool birds!

Gasp! "Mommy! What is that thing?!" It was a Havelina! Haha!

They LOVED to point out all of the animals they knew! I was amazed by everything that they know!

Still pointing out the familiar...

Interestingly enough, this was Kaylanis most memorable display. She was so upset at the Mountail Lion for hurting that poor Deer! She brought it up repeatedly thoughout the week...

"Never touch smakes! They bite, and they have poison! Then you have to go to the hospital, and they have to give you some shots..." -Kaylani

Two Precious Little Heads!

The last exhibit area we saw was the bugs! Take a look at that centipede! Yikes!

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Marty said...

Great shots. Hard to pick my favorite. I really like Kaylani's eyes in the "look of hesitation" pic. She looks so cautious.