Monday, November 5, 2007

POTD's 10/31/07

Today was our Harvest Fest Block Party 2007 at our church! We had a blast, despite the fact that mommy was so busy singing and all. :)
Kaylani was some sort of Princess Ballerina Fairy (she wore a hand me down costume), and Izzy was a makeshift Football Player (He just wore a Jersey, another hand me down! Although, it was so cold, that you can't even see it in the pics!). Kaylani had so much fun hanging out with Grandma, and Izzybear mostly stuck around with me.

The kids hangin' with Grandma

Izzy and Jonsal

Getting ready to leave, saying bye to daddy.

They all counted to 3, then set the ballons free! (I know, environmentally hazardess, not my idea, I couldn't stop it, don't lecture me, haha!)

Looking at the balloons go up, up, UP!

This is where we stopped by to pick up some food after a long night...

They were cracking themselves up while waiting in the drive through, it was hilarious! Probably a mix of delirious tiredness, and hyperness from the block party!

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