Friday, November 16, 2007

POTD 11/16/07

I did a "photoshoot" with Lucas today! And, I am actually pretty pleased with my results (for a change, haha!)! He needed to send in some shots for a Youth Conference he'll be leading Praise and Worship for this coming March (Congreso), and he needed to send them in ASAP! Like last week! haha! So, I just dropped by the church, and I of course brought my (dad's) trusty tripod, a makeshift reflector, and my camera! :)

We found a good spot, with great lighting and a calm background, and shot away! Take a peek at some of my favs:

There are a few more, that I just haven't gotten around to editing yet, so stay tuned! haha! :D


Marty said...

Good stuff!
Looks like the photos of a CD leaflet.

Antonio/Nicole said...

Wow these are awesome, come time to record and sell some CD's he won't need to look too far for a photographer. These are artsy and elegant and eye catching. If I were the youth looking at those flyers or pamphlets they will make I'd be pretty interested in this guy!

Mallory said...

Ohhhh MOnica, I think these are the best I've seen of your work!!! Great Job! You are getting really good. You have a good eye!