Saturday, November 10, 2007

P and V! OTD 11/9/07

So, we had a little Wii party I guess! haha! It just happened that way! Our cousin Jordan was coming to spend the night (because his sister was having a sleepover with lots of girls, and he needed to escape!), and he was going to bring some of his Wii games and an extra remote or two, so we invited my brother to come by and play, and Jonsal was supposed to come by also. Well, Jonsal couldn't make it, but Angie joined in the fun!, so it just turned into a cool Wii Party! :D

So, here is a shot of Angie and Marcos fighting each other in the Wii Sports Boxing game:

They were getting so into it, I decided to shoot some video as well:

The Mii's are actually of Lucas and myself! haha! I know, it's a little long, but it's funny! Look how Marcos is so into it! His competitiveness is really coming out! Aha!

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