Monday, October 29, 2007

POTD 10/27/06

Another attempted photoshoot with the kiddos. And again, i am disappointed with my technical results. :( I guess I just need a DSLR! :) heehee!

I thought I'd try out my black bg with the kids... BAD IDEA! lol! The black soaks up so much light that I have to slow down the shutter a whole bunch, and slow shutter=blurry kids! They just move too much! So, I went back to my good ol' white bg! But I still didn't get what I wanted. The grainy-ness bugs me to no end! ugh! and grainy makes for terrible photoshop editing! yuck!

The Lani ones came out a little better than the Izzy ones (clarity wise). But anyway, you be the judge:

Ok, I'm literally falling asleep waiting for these photos to upload, so this one will have to be continued...


Marty said...

Kaylani photo: A blossoming model.

Izzy photo: Cool dude!

belinda said...

I'm catching up on the last few days of photos. Wow! I don't know how you do it. Taking photos of your beautiful children (and family) and then taking the time to download them for our enjoyment. Your children are so photogenic and your skills (despite what you think) are great.