Wednesday, October 24, 2007

POTD 10/24/07

Here is my absolute fave of the day! The effect is called Bokeh, and it's where one small area of the picture is in focus, and the rest is out of focus, or blurry. It is done with the camera lens, but can be done artificially in a paint program. And, yes, I did it on purpose! I did it with my camera lens! :) Sometimes it happens by accident, but this one took me a few tries to get just right!

Kaylani's "flower" (a.k.a. a weed)


Marty said...

Cool. I like the "Mona Lisa" smile Kaylani has. Ok let me see if I can remember. You need a large iris opening so your depth of field is limited which means you also need a fast shutter speed since so much light is being let in. Correct? Probably took a few trials. Good job.

belinda said...

Very cool effect. I like it!