Tuesday, October 23, 2007

POTD 10/22/07

First of all, check out this creepy crawler that turned up in my kitchen late last night/early this morning! It is an Earwig, and so nasty! They do not have venom, but can give a nasty pinch, so I've read. I squished it (all the while screaming and grossing out), and flushed it down the toilet.

And, something a little different this time around! They are candids, but edited to B&W. :) Lucas made a car out of cardboard boxes for the kiddos today, since it was too cold to play outside. They LOVED it! He eventually added a string so that they could pull each other around! The bummer part is that only one can fit into the car at one time! oh, and yes, they are in their PJ's (it was right before bedtime), and Lani's PJ's are WAY too big, in case you can see that from the pic, haha!


Marty said...

Really cute! With a stearing wheel and everything. I bet they had fun.

belinda said...

This is what life is about - creativity, imagination, finding pleasure in simplicity. Life is good!