Friday, October 19, 2007

POTD 10/19/07

Who knew that pumkins could be so exciting! We visited H.E.B. Plus today, and I let the each of the kids pick out a pumkin to take some Fall portraits with, and it was so cute to see them so excited, about pumkins!

These are pretty small btw, I know there is nothing to compare them to in the above pic, but they are about the size of a large grapefruit.

EDIT: And here is Lani, so in love with her pumkin, that she wanted to take a nap with it!!! :)

So there. First POTD's! Keep an eye out for plenty more pics to come, you will definately see these pumkins again! :)

And if you are reading, would you mind commenting? Just to let me know, since I have no way of knowing. Thanks!


Marty said...

Cool! At first I thought the photo was something you grabbed off of the internet. You can't tell how big the pumpkins are. Can't wait to see what you do with the kids and the pumpkins.

belinda said...

Monica, Thank you for sharing your "kodak moments" with all of us. It's such a wonderful treat to see the kids at least in photos when we can't see them in person every day. Keep those pics coming.
Love you.

Mom_Dad said...

Beautiful. How wonderful to be able to get those beautiful pictures of the children. I knew there was a reason for us wanting to own a computer. Keep them coming.

Thank You, lots

Love you,
Mom and Dad

Michelle said...

I thought those pumpkins were the size of kick balls or something. What a surprise when I saw the next pic and I realized how small it really was. hee hee

Well, the pics are nice! I'm looking forward to seeing the kids' fall portraits. :D